Business Invoicing

What is Business Invoicing? “An invoice is a commercial document that itemizes a transaction between a buyer and a seller. If goods or services were purchased on credit, the invoice usually specifies the terms of the deal, and provides information on the available methods of payment. An invoice is also known as a receipt, bill or sales invoice” – Investopedia. BM Project Solutions offers a unique invoicing solution for your business. With the resources available we able to setup an invoicing system whereby you can send out once off or recurring invoices to clients. Costs regarding a service of this nature can run into thousands, however, Business Management Project Solutions can manage this on your behalf on a set or negotiated fee.

BM Project Solutions – Invoicing Service offers the following;

·         Setup of invoicing service

o   Business logo

o   Business information

§  Business Name

§  VAT registration number

§  Contact details

§  Payment terms and conditions

·         Setting up of standard invoice template according to client specification

o   Depending on client needs/wants this could be limited

·         Loading of Product, Client’s and Vendor information

o   Products sold/offered by your company

o   Client details

o   Vendors – Your expenses monthly

·         Sending out single invoices when needed

o   This includes follow-up invoices if payment not received

o   Additional charges can be added for late payments

·         Setting up a recurring invoice which will be sent out automatically

·         Notification and a copy of the invoice sent to the client is also sent directly to you

·         We update the payments received once we receive confirmation thereof

·         Daily, Weekly and Monthly reporting available for;

o   Profit and Loss – report on basic income and expenses

o   Expense – list of all monthly expenses and amounts

o   and a few more which can be discussed

Our aim is to remove all the administrative work involved in invoicing your clients and keeping record of incoming and outstanding payments.

Do I have to access the Platform on my Desktop/Laptop?

No. Our Invoice platform can be accessed on the go and you can use it directly from your mobile device.

Can the platform link to my bank account?

Yes and No!

Yes: Our platform will link to your bank account only to ensure that online payments are routed directly to your account. This you can either use your bank account directly if you are in the United States of America.

No: However, in South Africa and the rest of the world you will need to find a third-party such as PayPal or PayFast to link and accept online payments.

Please bear in mind that when you receive a payment the platform will not record this automatically as it has no access to your physical transaction history.

Do I have to update client details myself?

You are more than welcome to update the client details if you prefer to do things yourself. However, with our platform, clients have a link which sends them directly to their personal “Client Dashboard” where they can amend their details, view transaction/invoice history, see outstanding invoices, etc. Our platform will do its best to cater to your business needs.

What do I do if a client has not paid on time?

Good News!!! Providing that you have receipted the amount received in your bank account to the invoice issued all will be in order. Should the client have missed the payment deadline completely or should you not have receipted the payment in time, our platform can send out reminder emails to your clients automatically. We can adjust the platform to also add on a late payment fee should the client not pay on time.

What do I do when a Quotation has been accepted?

We have you covered!! Once the client accepts the quotation on their end, our platform immediately generates an invoice and sends it to the client within seconds after accepting the quotation.

Can I charge an Hourly rate?

You certainly can! Once we have setup your profile and you confirmed your standard business hourly rate, we build that into the system for you. All you will need to do is confirm the number of hours worked and the system calculates the rest. You can immediately invoice for this as you are using the system on the go.


Terms & Conditions: 

Kindly note that BM Project Solutions is in no way responsible should your business not gain popularity or customer/client base. Please note that BM Project Solutions strives to get your business exposed on all major platforms and it is your organizations’ responsibility to retain/satisfy your clients. BM Project Solutions will not be held liable for false advertising as the information provided comes directly from the client. Please note that pricing above is a guideline and Free Setup costs is based on a long term contract basis.