COVID-19 – The Business Remodeling Period

Hello everyone this is Michael from BM product solutions. Yes, it’s just a small little two-minute blog message. Think of this is just me saying stay strong and keep your business sustainable. Now with regards to COVID-19 a lot of small businesses have taken strain and people have been wondering how to make an income and how life is going to treat them there after.

These are questions that are hanging over a lot of businesses heads and specially in South Africa. So, I would say that if you have controlled your financial situation correctly and you’ve made provisions for situations such as this thing well done and you. Also, in this time a lot of businesses can take us 21 day break and actually revive their businesses and come back even stronger because now you’ve got ample time to some remodeling look at areas of improvement look at gaps in the market places where you can improve your business in terms of strategic and competitive advantage. And also in in that light don’t look at it as a negative there is a positive. Someone has given you 21 days to basically look at your business from an outside perspective. Look at where you have had shortfalls, look at where you need to make these changes to actually save and cut costs for events such as this which may arise in the future.

I am not saying lay people off or retrench them, but look at the brighter side and think to yourself, “how do I prevent this from happening in the future”? “How do I make sure that my business is sustainable should and event like this occur once again”? I mean this has hit the world, nations and countries by storm and it’s bad because you have people that thought they had good jobs and now they’ve been placed under lockdown with no security regarding their income and so forth. So do not be one of those businesses that just thinks okay fine I’m in it for the money. Think of the people that help you make that money. Think of the people that you have at tell now in this period of time that I can to pay you. It’s not just about you! Your business does not survive just because you are there. Your business survives because of the people that are there helping you make it survive.

Employees, I think that’s the most important part of this message that you need to take away right now is that how do you sustain your business? Not just for yourself, not just for your family not just for the person it’s going to take over your line of your generations to come. But how do you make your business sustainable to insure that people who work for you are valued, people that work for you feel valued and people that work for you see that you are going to the ends of the Earth and beyond to make sure that they are safe and they have employment and that their jobs are secured. These are the types of things that you as a business owner need to start taking initiative on now, bearing in mind that look at what has happened, look at what has happened in this world.

People are losing their jobs left right and centre people are dying, out there! And I mean companies need to start stepping up, I mean small, big, and large. I am not just putting it out there that it’s the big corporations or the small corporations or the private sector, it’s everybody. And in order to create that sustainable future not just for us but for the for the generations to come, We need to start adopting that knowledge, we need to start adopting that emotional intelligence. We need to be aware of what we are doing to this planet! We need to start thinking of the planet first. We need to then start thinking of the people there are in this planet and then, we need to start thinking of the profits that we are making off the planet and the people. That’s the triple bottom line in reverse. Before it was People, Planet Profit! I think we should put the Planet first, then think of the people on this planet, and then we think of the Profit.

So in closing I just want to say that take this time to reflect on your business, take this time to actually think as to how you are going to come back from this setback that we have had. And yes you may come back stronger you may come back knowing for a fact that there is another area of opportunity but that’s up to you.

From myself, Michael and BM Project Solutions – we ask that you stay safe keep your family safe and follow all the guidelines set out by the ministers and your country’s policies.